LS3/5A DIY Thinwall

When Stirling Broadcast made their thin-wall reference cabinets available for sale I was very interested in buying a pair to see if I could build a pair of 15 ohm speakers that sounded like BBC1 and BBC2. I had inherited several T27 and B110 drive units from my late father which I knew to be well within LS3/5A spec. The external crossover project was very sucessful and I was very pleased with the results.

Curiosity got the better of me and so I then mounted the crossovers inside the cabinets to make a "proper" thin-wall cabinet LS3/5A.

The drive units mounted on the baffle. The tag strip was used with the external crossovers and removed for this project. From the sticker on the T27 it can be dated as having been checked to BBC specification in 1980. The felt damping pads were stuck onto the T27.

rear bafflerear t27felt pad

The full BBC-spec FL26/3 crossovers which were bought from Falcon Acoustics were then mounted on the baffle using spacers and the drive units and wiring from the rear terminals soldered to the crossover board. The original specification calls for 15/16" high spacers although I used 25mm.

crossoverclose up bafflethe pair

Having enjoyed building this pair I may now sell them. I have more pairs than I can use. I haven't decided on a price yet so if you are interested in buying them please email me and make me a sensible offer.