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Extra Monitors

It is not unlikely installed BBC monitor speakers in every six recording studios in Maida Vale.The speakers, “East Lake” or “Tannoy” in the studios that recording rock music or pop music; high power into speaker The previous BBC speakers are not appropriate to record high power. They were in rearranging in the monitor room in studio 2, which is for recording rock music when we visited. While, the mixing console had been renewed to Solid State Logic’s product
East Lake, TM-3B imported to monitor speaker. Those people above the picture have been working in Capital Project; one of a part of 4 sound sections, mentioned in previous article.In the recording studio 5 for pop music, there are set up four systems of Rectangular York which is combined Tannoy, original read 38-caliber in.8years ago, Tannoy was only possibility to stand for high power as they could gain. Two outside speakers out of four is for stereos and inside speaker for monitors in solo part. The last one is a stock. In Maida Vale, the recording studios in a term of an renewal alternation of equipments. It does not disturb other studios even though the studios built individually with separate foundation. The studios are mixed “old and new” and changing gradually.It seems that the exterior of the studios will remain same appearance although, equipments develops in the studios. We could say that is typical idea of British way.

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