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We are going to present three types of popular monitor speakers in recording studios.

The recording studio for BBC programmes located in Maida Vale where we drive to north-west from BBC Broadcasting house. The studio is looks like a normal bungalow and unlike a modern building. The exterior of the studio still retains the same 1930's appearance as when it was built. It reminds us of a scene of the period, the bungalow used be a ice-rink. It seems that they are concerned the modest atmosphere of the area would be retained.

The latest BBC monitors LS5/8!

A specialist engineer, David Strip who takes care of a range of work in the section of audio/sound broadcasting on radio and television. He showed us the monitor room in studio1 which has been the main one for classical music
since the beginning. The latest BBC monitor speakers, LS5/8; the latest one of the version of LS5 at recording studios, have been set behind of the old mixing console. That is designed for high levelled recording monitor and endured to high power input. The white semit-ransparent diaphram is stable because of it made of polypropylene rather than paper. Also, it is easy to form the same shape from this reason. They use Sonn Audax’s tweeters made in France, in Wheeter. The Amplifier in the LS5/8 consists of Quad Stereo Power Amplifier 405 is
called AM8/16 in BBC combines additional Electronics Cross over Network. The sound channel is set to LF and the other one to HF unlike, the power amplifier are divided setting to right and left. The high-low crossover frequency has been kept 1,8kHz
Importing this new monitor speaker, David Strip has been listening to speech, “the voice of human” at first.
To hear ordinal sounds, that is the exact way to make sense of the sounds.

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