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Visit to an on-air studio. Let's see monitor speakers!

The monitor speaker at Radio 1 is the Spendor BC-1.

When we visited the studio (the monitor room) of Radio 1, which plays the latest hit rock music and popular among youth, DJ's chat reached our ears. It was just the midst of the Simon Bates' Show. After introducing the song, a record was put on the Gates turntable which is quite like a professional piece of equipment. The rhythm of rock n roll jumped out of the monitor speaker. Nigel, the engineer, who was gazing at DJ over the glass window released his hand from a mixing table, and turned his face.

The sound from the monitor speaker set on the both sides of the mixing desk was not as loud as expected, and we did not have to raise our voices while talking to Nigel. The monitor speaker used was the Spendor BC-1.

The sound of Spendor speakers is inherited from BBC monitor speakers, which have model names starting from LS, because the BBC graduate engineer Mr. Spencer Hughes designed the speaker. The sound is very natural and is excellent in reproduction of voice, such as announcer, and especially male voice. The broadcasting studios of the BBC use many BC-1s. Nigel says, "Since it is well balanced and has no particular defects, I do not get tired even I monitor many hours." The monitor of Radio 3 is BBC developed LS3/7.

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