Jean-Francois Vignal's System


1) Sources:

-Vinyl: Michell Orbe, SME V, Denon DL304

-CD: Krell KPS 20i

-Tape: Nakamichi Dragon

2) Electronics:

-ARC SP11 mk II, main preamp

-ARC Classic 150 amps

-Krell KRS-2 preamp, used as phono preamp

3) Speakers:

-Rogers NOS LS3/5As, 11 ohm

-Stirling LS3/5As, 11 ohm, reference cabinets (main speakers)

-Partington Dreadnought stands for the Stirlings

-Quad Pro 63

4) Cables:

-interconnects, Magnan Vi

-speakers, Tara Labs RSC

-power, Synergistic Research AC Master and Siltech Octopus

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