Refurbished Quad II


During 2002 a treble panel in one of my QUAD ESL57s started to "leak" charge

- i.e. it ran much quieter than the other. So I took both QUAD ESL57s to

the German QUAD dealer for a service.

I also took the opportunity to take my QUAD "tube" kit down for service too

- I though I needed some new "tubes" (possibly new KT66s) because the QUAD IIs were sounding too soft.

The German QUAD dealer said it wasn't the "tubes" but the capacitors

(especially the big 2 in the "can"). SO I asked them to check all the

components and replace them where needed in stereo pairs.

Whilst I was there I saw what looked like a brand new pair of QUAD IIs (and

with modern connectors) - I asked if they were new. The answer was that

they were as old as mine QUAD IIs but had been cosmetically refurbished.

So I opted for that too. I want to be able to use my QUAD IIs regularly and

safely with modern equipment (and also to be able to use them with my "tube" pre-amplifier and FM and AM tuners).

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