Peter Lotter's LS3/5A Cabinet Drawings


cabinetThe LS3/5A cabinet is much harder to make well than first meets the eye and in general I suggest it isn't a project for a DIYer. New cabinets can be bought from Stirling Broadcast. Nevertheless there are always brave souls who are willing to take on a DIY project. Peter Lotter has produced a set of drawings from his own DIY cabinet project and very kindly made them available here in pdf format for other constructors.

You will also wish to look at the information on the Falcon Acoustics Ltd B110/T27 Monitor Quality Compact

Please note that while Peter has taken every care to make these accurate, they are not official drawings and have been produced by measuring and calculating the dimensions from real LS3/5A cabinets. They are intended only a a guide for DIY constructors and neither Peter nor myself can be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of following them.

Peter is documenting his DIY project and photographs of the construction project will follow. Watch this space!

These drawings are in pdf format and in order to view them you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.