I have a Western DX33 HF beam which I keep for use at special event stations like JOTA etc. The DX33, although now an old design, has a good reputation as a HF tri-band yagi.

Dave G4BUO told me that the DX33 owned by Cray Valley RS didn't work well on 14MHz, it exhibited less forward gain than would be expected, although it was fine on 21 and 28MHz. He spent some time sorting out their yagi and by checking element resonances came up with a modified set of dimensions. I've been using Dave's element dimensions for several years. Thanks Dave!

G4BUO Western DX33 dimensions:


Inside element dimensions are from boom centre to trap body.

These are the same as the original DX33 user manual dimensions.

Director 2600mm  Driven 2815mm    Reflector 2850
Element tip dimensions from end of tube on trap (not the not trap body) to element tip. See diagram below:
Director 660mm  Driven 670mm      Reflector 720mm
Director to Driven Element spacing = 1.8m  Driven Element to Reflector spacing = 2.41m

Download the original DX33 User Instructions (pdf)


  • There are two grounding straps.
  • Clean the connection if necessary.
  • Ensure drain holes in traps will be downwards when antenna is in the air.