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I have been licensed since 1972 and also hold the callsign G8FUR. (G8FUR was also held for a few years by my late father Maurice Whatton). My interests have always mainly been in the VHF, UHF and low microwave bands and over the years I have been active on 50, 70, 144, 432 and 1296Mhz.

My QTH in IO91OF, Aldershot town centre is not very good and I cannot put up very large antennas. Currently I use a 9 element M2 yagi on 144MHz. On HF, for casual operation,I have an inverted L Marconi, tuned against ground and a few radials which slung over a 40ft tree at the end of the garden and remote tuned with a CG2000 auto-tuner in the shed. The main station rig is a IC-746 which drives either a home-made 2m amplifier or an AEA desktop 3-500 QSK amplifier. If you do work me on HF it will probably be on the key, Essential station accessories include a K1EL Winkeyer USB and W6PQL Sequencer both built from kits.

For 70cms and 23cms I have a FT-736R with Mutek boards driving 2C-39 PAs. The 23cms cavity amplifier is water cooled and produces around 150 watts output. But at the moment I still haven't got around to putting up any antennas up for those bands.

I especially enjoy VHF contests, running QRO and putting up large antennas and am a member of the Windmill Contest Group, G0FBB/P and also a founder member of Mad Jack's Contest Group.

If you would like a sked on 2m WSJT meteor scatter or EME then please email me.