G4DCV Android app for European 50MHz

This app calls the following web sites:

Two versions are available. V1 uses a custom web page viewer rather than the phone browser which I find easier to use and read in this application. In practice, when away from the shack I just want to check conditions quickly and so don't need other browser functions. The downside is size, installed this app is about 6MB.

V2 is smaller (about 3.5MB when installed) if you are short of phone memory but uses the device default browser so the screen may be harder to read on a small mobile device.

Download V1 of the 50MHz Android app by clicking here

Download V2 of the 50MHz Android app by clicking here

If your primary interest is 144MHz DXing then my original version is available here

Please note these are in beta. Feedback welcome, email me at the address at qrz.com