About the AARUG

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Amigan Airwaves was the newsletter of the Amiga Amateur Radio User Group editied by Bob G3LMH and published in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


From here you can download either a CD iso image which contains the AARUG software library plus a selection of software of interest to radio amateurs from the Aminet. Or you can download individual AARUG floppy disk files.

Download the CD image (iso file). NB the file is about 120Mb. If necessary choose save file when prompted by your browser.

Download individual floppy disks from the AARUG Software Library.

As well as the AARUG floppy disks, the CD iso file also contains the following Software from the Aminet available in both archived (copy of lha included) and un-archived form ready to install.

The AARUG CD ROM was originally produced on an Amiga A4000/WarpEngine 040/28 using MakeCD.

Ben ex CEO of Black Belt Systems has kindly made the software for the AEA AVT available. Also on his web site you will find Board Master a PCB CAD layout programme for the Amiga.

Disclaimer. The software here is provided to support the Amiga amateur radio community in good faith.. No support is available for any of this software. To the best of our knowledge the software on these pages is virus free. No responsibilty for any consequential or inconsequential loss or damage is accepted. Users should ensure the software is suitable for their use.. By downloading software from this site you accept these terms and conditions.