Cheap SDRs 2m DX.

I have used a Funcube Dongle, RTL Stick and most recently the SDRPlay RSP for 2m DXing. Both the RTL dongle and the SDRPlay RSP allow me to see the whole 2MHz of 144MHz, or normally more usefully, the whole of the DX end of the band. The station configuration is the same for any of these SDRs.

The SDRPlay or RTL Dongle with MAP65 or CW Skimmer

144.150 to 144.400 with the SDRPlay RSP during the May 2016 144MHz activity contest. Software is SDRConsole V3.

Quickstart guide to SDR Console and the SDRPlay RSP

I've been using this setup during openings on 2m in the past couple of years and it has been completely reliable. Instead of constantly tuning up and down around the calling channel I can see signals the moment they appear. Just click, the Icom jumps to the frequency and pounce! There are several nice QSOs in the log as a result of spotting DX calling CQ away from 144.300 that I am sure I would have missed without SDR.

A simplified block diagram of my station configuration.

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